90-year-old Scotsman accidentally builds a Hobbit House

BBC News recently published a feature on Stuart Grant, a 90-year-old man who lives in Glen Affric in the Highlands of Scotland, who accidentally started building a Hobbit House in the 80s and now lives there full-time.

The great-grandfather bought the plot of land – which contained a derelict house and a dilapidated livestock shed, known as a byre – back in 1984.


Stuart, a skilled joiner, had intended to renovate the house and make it his home in the Highlands after two stints living and working in Australia, which amounted to a total of 14 years.

But before starting work on the house, he decided to convert the byre into temporary accommodation.

That stop-gap then become a labour of love.

To be clear, Stuart didn't set out to build a Hobbit House; in fact, he claims he's never read any of JRR Tolkien's books, nor seen any of the Lord of the Rings film adaptations. Instead, he just sort of happened to add the Hobbit-esque oval door and stained glass windows.

To which I say: a likely story!

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