Brendan Fraser talks about the time he almost played Superman

One of the best and most heartwarming stories in Hollywood has been the career resurgence of Brendan Fraser. A few years ago, a noticeably matured Fraser's return to media attention became a major talking point for film fans. Paired with Fraser's lack of starring roles and stories about his steep alimony payments, the stories painted a picture of a fallen A-lister.

Cut to the present, and Fraser has rejuvenated his career with a compelling performance in Darren Aronofsky's film The Whale. With a possible Oscar win in his future for the role, Fraser has been on the interview circuit talking about his career and the changes he's undergone as a man. One of the most interesting stories to emerge from his recent spate of interviews was how Fraser almost played Superman. In the video linked above, the actor sits with Howard Stern to discuss the potential casting.