New Mexico might become the first state with an official aroma

From a purely detached and objective perspective, traveling is just leaving your house to look at other homes and people. However, anyone that possesses wanderlust understands that traveling is really about experiencing the unique culture—characterized by the people, cuisine, and customs—that define an area. Whenever you arrive in a new country or state, you must familiarize yourself with all of the region's elements to garner a sense of your current locale. 

Even though the elements of a town or city that entice a traveler can vary from person to person, every place usually boasts a list of must-see/must-experience locations and events. If you're a fan of wildlife, pretty much every country and state has its own unique bird. However, New Mexico is aiming to pioneer a new state-specific attraction: aroma. According to The Guardian, New Mexico is on its way to becoming the first state to have a signature scent. 

Senator Bill Soules' visit with fifth grade students in his southern district sparked a conversation about the savory hot peppers and the potential for New Mexico to become the first state in the nation to proudly have an official state aroma, a proposal now being considered by lawmakers.

"It's very unique to our state," the Las Cruces Democrat said of roasting chile. "I have tried to think of any other state that has a smell or aroma that is that distinctive statewide, and I can't think of any."

For New Mexico, chile is more than a key ingredient for every meal. It's life. It's at the center of the official state question – "red or green?" – and is one of the state's official vegetables.