Texas lawmaker Ronny Candyman Jackson says Trump plans to "purge" the government by 25%

Rep. Ronny Jackson (R–TX) — aka the "Candyman" from his alleged pill-pushing days at the White House where he worked as a bottle-nipping physician — is rooting for a Donald Trump dictatorship.

"There's one thing that president Trump will do, that I know he will do, that I don't think any other Republican that gets there has the guts to do … and that is to purge our government," he said. "Trump has told me that when he gets back in, he's going to get rid of 25% of the bureaucracy in every single department across the board." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

How nice that the very sharp Jackson, who once unwittingly aimed a semi-automatic rifle at his own foot, gives confused voters yet another reason not to vote for an authoritarian former game show host.

Front page thumbnail image: lev radin / shutterstock.com