TV report from the Batcave, the birthplace of goth culture

Forty years before Hot Topic, the goth subculture was galvanized at The Batcave, a weekly night at a London club where those with dark hearts and a passion for darker music congregated. When the Batcave first opened in 1982, underground celebrities like Nick Cave, Bauhaus, Siouxsie, the Cure, and Foetus even made the scene. DJ Hamish MacDonald spun the soundtrack punctuated by live shows from bands including Alien Sex Fiend and Specimen whose lead singer Ollie Wisdom established the Batcave. (The venue was a burlesque club most other nights.) According to WhatIsGoth, the Batcave had only two rules: "No funk and No Disco." Below, London Weekend Television paid a visit in 1983: