New study finds average penis size increased 24% over 29 years

Big news: analysis penile length measurements of 55,761 men around the world revealed that the average erect penis length increased by 24% over 29 years, reports Stanford Medicine's Scope blog. In 1993, the average erect penile length was 4.8 inches. Today, it is 6 inches.

From an interview with Michael Eisenberg, MD, a professor of urology at Stanford Medicine:

The increase happened over a relatively short period of time. Any overall change in development is concerning, because our reproductive system is one of the most important pieces of human biology. If we're seeing this fast of a change, it means that something powerful is happening to our bodies. We should try to confirm these findings and if confirmed, we must determine the cause of these changes.

There could be a number of factors at play, such as chemical exposure, like pesticides or hygiene products, interacting with our hormonal systems. These endocrine-disrupting chemicals — there are many — exist in our environment and our diet. As we change our body's constitution that also affects our hormonal milieu. Chemical exposure has also been posited as a cause for boys and girls going into puberty earlier, which can affect genital development.

It makes you wonder what the average penis size was during the Renaissance when Michelangelo sculpted David.