North Carolina State Trooper points gun at teen girl using cell phone to call her stepfather

Ariana Amaya (18) said she and her younger sister were in their car with their mother in Mt. Oliver, North Carolina when a state trooper pulled them over, "under the assumption that [my mother] did not have her seatbelt on." According to Amaya, her mother did not have her driver's license, and after she provided the officer with her name and date of birth, he "ripped" her out of the car.

Her younger sister recorded the trooper on her phone and uploaded it to TikTok, which you can see below.

Amaya said she got out of the car to call her stepdad. She said the trooper pulled his"pulled "his weapon out on me." Amaya didn't get back in the car.

She said the trooper failed to read her mother her Miranda rights. "He also did not have his body cam on and refused to bring a female officer to search her." She said the officer accused her of being an "illegal immigrant."

Amaya said her mother is still being detained and has launched a crowdfunding effort to help get her out.

I've reached out to the NC Highway Patrol for comment.


So today in Mt.Olive North Carolina officer Z Price pulled over my mother, under the assumption that she did not have her seatbelt on …. He then asked her for identification, and she did not have her ID on her. After she gave him her full name and date of birth, he continues to rip my mom out of her vehicle, and failed to tell her why she was being detained. After I stepped out the vehicle to call my stepdad He then pulls his weapon out on me, and my younger sister did not have my mother in jail and he claims her to be an "illegal immigrant" and they also stated that my mother lied about her name being Anna. The officer failed to read her the Miranda rights he also did not have his body cam on and refused to bring a female officer to search her Please help me and my 3 younger siblings to raise money to get our mom home! anything help . our go fund me will be in my bio! abusive#abusivecops familyninnocenttfypc#stopracism

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