"Bankrupt" Alex Jones spends $100,000 a month

After losing several lawsuits, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones owes north of $1.5bn to Sandy Hook parents libeled by the endless stream of hateful nonsense on Infowars. Though he has filed for bankruptcy, a court filing shows he still racks up $100,000 in expenses a month.

He's the sole owner of eight different companies, including Infowars parent Free Speech Systems, which has paid him an annual salary of more than $600,000 for the last two years. In December, Mr Jones asked a court to allow him to take a bigger salary – $1.3m – from the company, which has also filed for bankruptcy. … The filing also listed his monthly outgoings, which total more than $96,000, and alternatively list his occupation as "Media Personality" and "Dietary Supplement Sales". Infowars operates an online shop that sells supplements and other products.