Couple celebrates 57 years of marriage decades after wife attempted to kill husband multiple times

Pennsylvania couple Tony and Frances Toto are celebrating 57 years of marriage. What a beautiful thing, especially as Frances attempted to have Tony killed—five times—after he cheated on her. You might recall the story from the 1990 film Love You to Death, loosely based on their lives. When Frances found out about his affair, she hired teen hitmen who failed in attempts to blow up his car, beat him to death with a baseball bat, and other ways to dispatch him. One night though, Frances dumped a bottle of sleeping pills in Tony's dinner and the hitmen shot him in the head and chest.

From KEYC:

"The one in his head is still there. I don't think I was thinking straight. It was like a love hate kind of a thing," Frances Toto said.

After five days, police found out about the plot and arrested Frances Toto and the teenage hitman.

Tony Toto spent 12 days in the hospital. The first thing he did when he was discharged was bail out his wife.

"And then we both cry and we said to each other, 'From now on, let's talk, let's talk, let's communicate better.' Something that we should have done it before. So that's what was missing," Tony Toto said.

Tony and Frances Toto say that tearful moment was a new beginning for their relationship and it helped them stay on track.

They got counseling.

"Did I forgive? Yes, nothing happened to me. It's OK. Don't do it again. Take it easy," Tony Toto said.

Frances spent four years in prison and the two lived happily ever after.