Fox talking head has no idea what a catalytic converter is

Fox is well-known for its very stable geniuses, but here is one that deserves special attention.

While most people believe catalytic convertors are stolen because they contain a few grams of platinum, palladium, and rhodium that can be sold on the black market, she knows better:

"The reason everyone is stealing catalytic converters all across America," she says, "is because under Biden's watch then gas is so expensive everyone needs the part that makes cars run more efficiently."

This expert knows more than engineers, who foolishly think the purpose of catalytic converters is to convert unsafe molecules in engine exhaust into steam, and which actually make cars run a bit less, not more, efficiently.

No, says this expert, people are stealing catalytic converters so they can duct tape them onto their car's tailpipe to get upwards of 50 miles per gallon. Some wily thieves have been spotted with six or more catalytic converters, attached human centipede style, dragging behind their cars.

Let's hope when DeSantis is elected President in 2014, he'll appoint her to run the Office of Science and Technology Policy.