Sesame seeds missing on your favorite hamburger buns? It's because of the FDA requirement they be listed as potential allergens

Popular brands of hamburger bun have reportedly lost their sesame seeds, a mystery exemplified by Paul Kafasis's report on a harrowing trip to Trader Joe's that briefly undermined his confidence in reality.

Flummoxed, I spent an unreasonable amount of time perusing the shelves. I thought perhaps there were two varieties of bun, one with sesame seeds and one without. I came up empty, however. I put the package in the top of my shopping cart and attempted to move on. … Those damned buns were missing their sesame seeds, I was sure of it. I marched over to the in-store computer, and attempted to find the product. As I jabbed my finger at that laggy touchscreen, a helpful employee asked if he could assist me instead. I explained the predicament, and I saw his reality give out as well. Now we were both adrift in a sea of confusion.

The mystery solved, courtesy of the FDA's new rules requiring manufacturers to remove the ingredient or indicate the presence of a major allergen. The former option is, presumably, less potentially troublesome.

Easy fix: a can of food grade spray adhesive and a bag of sesame seeds, you won't even have to change brands!

It is, nonetheless, a minor outrage that Trader Joe's has the temerity and audacity to keep calling these buns "classic" buns. Granted, it is catchier than "Trader Joe's Pseudohypoallegenic Hamburger Buns"