Soothe hot flashes and sleep better with the Embr Wave 2 Thermal Wristband, now on sale for $169.99

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Have you ever tried to sleep when you're unbearably hot? To put it simply, it's a nightmare. Night sweats and hot flashes can keep you from getting the rest you need, and can even make you sick from the discomfort. So, what are your options?

One of the most interesting and unique ways to combat sweats and hot flashes is with this refurbished and rechargeable thermal wristband from Embr Wave, which has been clinically proven to offer relief for a variety of issues. Best of all, the Embr Wave is now on sale. Typically retailing for $349, it's available for only $169.99 until February 23 during our Refurbished Event. 

When you know you'll need help regulating your temperature, just wear this sleek and stylish wristband (a huge bonus in our book, since we love that it goes with any outfit). Press the button and it'll release cooling waves to help your body get back on track. The whole concept of this wristband is rooted in thermal science, and uses temperature accordingly to soothe your body. You can easily change the mode with the buttons to find the right temperature for you, from warm to cool, so that the wristband can ease your anxiety, help you sleep better, and just generally keep your body feeling good.

The Embr Wave is connected to the Wave App, so you can monitor the way you're using it. Just log into the app and check out your data to get a better understanding of what triggers your need for the Embr, how long you need to use it for, and what modes work best for you.

Its capabilities provide an innovative solution, and users agree. "This is a game-changer," wrote one person, while another raved, "It took a few weeks for this to give me some relief, but now I won't sleep without it."

While this product is refurbished, you don't have to worry. It has a Grade B rating, which means there may be some light wear and tear (think minor scuffing or scratches), but the wristband will work as good as new. (Plus, buying refurbished is better for the environment anyway, per Yahoo!).

Ready to live better with the help of thermal technology? Grab the Embr Wave 2 Rechargeable Thermal Wristband now for just $169.99. Deal ends February 23.

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