Watch a Florida woman fight off attacker in gym of apartment complex (video)

A 24-year-old woman in Tampa, Florida fought off a man who attacked her while she was working out in her apartment's gym. He lived in the same apartment complex.

Disturbing surveillance footage posted by CBS (below) shows accused assailant, Xavier Thomas-Jones, chasing Nashali Alma around the gym as she uses workout equipment to block him. He then catches up to her, tackles her, pushes her to the ground, and pins her down while she repeatedly hits him, at one point using her phone as a tool to whack him in the head. In the end she escapes, leaving the creep to pick up his flung shoe and rub his face in defeat.

According to the CBS post, Thomas-Jones was arrested.

The gentleman had "intended to sexually assault Alma and admitted to battering her during the Jan. 22 attack," according to "court documents cited by Fox13," via HuffPost.

As CBS warns, the video below might be triggering to some viewers.

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