Sex trafficking suspect Andrew Tate threatens alleged victim: retract your claim or I sue you

Professional misogynist Andrew Tate, imprisoned in Romania as part of a rape and sex trafficking investigation, has issued a legal threat to one of the woman accusing him. The cease-and-decist letter was sent by a U.S. lawyer on behalf of Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate, and threatens to sue her and her family for $300m if she does not retract her claim.

Benjamin Bull – who works for the National Centre on Sexual Exploitation – says his client is a key witness in the Romanian investigation, and that the letter was designed to do "one thing and one thing only":

"[It] was intended to shut down the witness; stop the witness from bringing testimony forward in any proceedings," he said.

"They want these young ladies to climb into a hole and hide, never come forward [or] describe what they saw and what happened to them. It's clearly an effort to intimidate."

Someone said he's at the "doesn't care if anyone knows it's true" stage, and I have to point out the whole point of Andrew Tate is that he boasted about it being true at every stage—until he was imprisoned in the country he fled to because he thought they don't prosecute rapes. (Ironically, it is England that doesn't prosecute rapes, including an allegation against him)