Tik Tok video shows what it's like to work at Lowe's

In this video, a worker at Lowe's stands in the platform of a warehouse cherrypicker raised some 12 feet up. Badgered into pulling an enormous box down, the worker is seemingly crushed against the platform's railing by its weight. The worker begins calling for help, then screaming. Co-workers laugh. The platform lowers slowly. They berate their co-worker for not ducking under the box, presumably so that it will sit at an angle within the cherrypicker platform railings. They seem certain that's the safe, standard way to do it, and they've clearly done this sort of thing many times before.


Just another day at Lowes with Kelly boy 😂 #lowes

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MSNBC got a pro forma statement of out Lowes spokesman Larry Costello—"The safety of our associates and customers is embedded in our culture at Lowe's, and the actions in this video are contrary to the training that Lowe's provides"—but not much else.

Costello did not respond to follow-up questions about what action Lowe's took and what training Lowe's provides employees when it comes to operating a lift.