Election-denying demon hunter will chair Michigan GOP

Michigan voters rejected GOP in November by electing Democrats for every statewide race, a clear signal that they are fed up with the election-denying and conspiracy-mongering of the Republican party. The GOP's response is to pick a very stable genius named Kristina Karamo to chair the state's party.

From The Intelligencer:

In a contentious convention vote on Saturday, delegates of the Michigan Republican Party elected Kristina Karamo — who is still denying her own 14-point election loss in November's secretary of state race — as their new chairperson … In addition to her stolen-election claims, she's said antifa was behind the Capitol Riot, has promoted the "Clinton Kill List" conspiracy theory and various alleged plots involving George Soros, and often cites demonic influence as the reason for the country's ills. Last year, the liberal watchdog Media Matters highlighted comments Karamo made in 2020 as a podcast host detailing how Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Billie Eilish were promoting paganism and acting as tools of Satan. She also alleged Jay-Z was a Satanist (though she acknowledged she lacked "hard proof" for that claim), said yoga was "a satanic ritual," and called out a Korean dramedy for a plotline in which a character was "communicating with demons."