Kurt Cobain painted this guy's skateboard in junior high and now Tony Hawk has reproduced it for charity (video)

In the 1980s, a junior high student named Cameron Moss had spotted a flier that a teenaged Kurt Cobain hung in an Aberdeen, Washington music store advertising his art services. Ross commissioned Cobain to paint an Iron Maiden graphic on his new Jeff Phillips model skateboard deck. Cobain's fee was $20 and some weed. Last year, the deck went to auction and was purchased by legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. Now, Hawk has reproduced that deck for sale with all proceeds benefiting the Jed Foundation and The Skatepark Project "in order to provide resources for those struggling with mental health, and to create more public skateparks in underserved areas." (Both Jeff Phillips and Cobain died of suicide in 1993.) In the video below, Hawk heads to Seattle to visit Moss and hear the story behind the deck.

(Thanks, Lux Sparks-Pescovitz!)