Charlie Kirk warns Arizona and Texas to reject "left wing" tech companies like Google and Apple (video)

While talking to secessionist Marjorie Taylor Greene, far-right radio host Charlie Kirk advocated for Chinese communist-style business intervention, warning the likes of Texas and Arizona to "be very careful" about welcoming big tech companies such as Apple, HP, Dropbox, and Google into their states.

"It brings in people that do not share your values. They are going to move tens of thousands of workers, and they are largely left wing," he cautioned. "And they change the fabric of those states." (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

But even Kirk's MAGA listeners must realize that it would behoove struggling red states like Arizona, which was ranked by MoneyGeek as the 8th most federally dependent state in the U.S., to accept a bit of fabric freshener from their more economically successful, librul neighbors.

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