Check out the Mighty Atom: the strangest old-school strongman

Barring the rampant animal cruelty, circuses used to be pretty cool. Sure, several circuses still exist in the modern era, but they're nowhere near as popular as they once were. Consequently, a host of fun professions have disappeared from society. Take the old-school strongman, for example. 

Back in the day, men and several women would publically engage in feats of strength to the joy of devoted fans and onlookers alike. Typically adorned with some outlandish costume or gimmick, strongmen were a staple in 19th and 20th-century live entertainment. In fact, you'd be surprised how far-reaching their influence is in contemporary popular culture. 

One of the ongoing online debates is the discussion around Superman's red briefs. The reason Superman's red underwear is so jarring to modern sensibilities is because of how atavistic they are, harkening back to the circus strongman the character's design is supposed to reference. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel Natty Life showcases one of the wildest old-school strongmen, the Mighty Atom.