Chemist makes moonshine from toilet paper

If you're still making your way through that giant hoard of toilet paper you bought at the beginning of the pandemic, here's another way you can use it—you can make your own moonshine! This step-by-step video by Nile Red will teach you everything you need to know. He describes and demonstrates the entire process—first you have to break down the cellulose that makes up the paper and turn it into glucose, then you have to ferment the glucose, and then distill it, and then voila, you have ethanol! Watch the whole process in action here.

Nile Red describes the purpose of his YouTube channel as "capturing the natural beauty of chemistry." He further explains:

I find that chemistry is often taught poorly or without a purpose. Because of this, people tend to lose interest and sometimes even start to hate it. In each video that I make, I try to balance theory with purpose. My goal is to capture the natural beauty of chemistry in fun and interesting ways. In terms of education, I have a BSc in Biochemistry, with a minor in pharmacology. However, I've always been a lot more drawn to applied chemistry. So after finishing my degree, I worked as a lab tech in an organic lab, and then as a chemistry grad student. However, I ended up leaving my graduate studies early to focus on this channel. Now, making chemistry videos has become my full-time job!

Who is Nile Red? According to Wikitubia: The YouTube Wiki, his real name is Nigel Braun. He's a Canadian chemist and science communicator from Montreal. Go check him out on his YouTube channel, where he posts awesome videos demonstrating all of the wild and wacky and wonderful things chemistry can do—you can see him turn plastic gloves into hot sauce, turn cotton balls into cotton candy, make transparent wood, and make glow toys from scratch!