Matthew Vaughn thinks Zack Snyder wasted Henry Cavill as Superman

Can we be frank? You pin a large portion of DC's woes in the film world on the pisspoor job that Zack Snyder did while helming the franchise. Say what you want about James Gunn and the direction he's heading with the DCU, but one thing is crystal clear: James Gunn loves comics. 

Although he claims to be a fan, it's kind of evident that Zack Snyder has only read four comics, and 75% of them were written by Frank Miller. Whereas James Gunn- who may still fail in his new role as DC's head honcho- loves comics for their inherent silliness, Snyder saw the silly portion of the superhero genre as something to be excised at all costs. This isn't me projecting, either; the proof is in the pudding. In Snyder's mind, if every character isn't acting like Frank Miller's Batman, something is wrong. 

Another director who has a deep love and reverence for comic books is Matthew Vaughn. For years, Vaughn, who brought X-Men: First ClassKingsman, and Kick-Ass to the silver screen, has been vocal about his desire to direct a Superman film. Now that there's seemingly a vacancy for the position, Vaughn is trying to drum up interest by saying what every Superman fan has been thinking for a decade: Hack Snyder's crappy Superman films wasted everyone's time, chiefly Henry Cavill's. 

During his interview with The Wrap, Vaughn suggested what Snyder could do right, as he called the 2016 Snyderverse film a mistake and shared his vision for a sequel to the 2013 Henry Cavill feature.

"I just thought it was a mistake putting the Batman vibe into the Superman world," he said. The Argylle director shared that he did not find the crossover between Batman and Superman "relatable in any way."

He said, "I just think they're two separate, they're just not relatable in any way, in my mind. It should be fun." The director said that he loves Superman, and also shared that Superman should have been portrayed the way it usually is instead of focusing on the dark side of the DC Superhero.