Play at golf courses around the globe with the Phigolf World Tour Edition, now $180 this Presidents' Day

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Golf is a skill like any other—which means you do need to practice if you want to avoid getting rusty. It's not always easy to get to a course, especially during the winter when the weather is volatile, but there is a different way to always get on the green. Practicing golf all 365 days of the year can be a reality with the Phigolf sensor, which you can get for only $179.99 during this Presidents' Day sale. You'll have to act fast though, as this deal ends February 20.

The Phigolf is an amazing golf simulator that allows devotees to virtually play at over 38,000 golf courses all around the globe. Every golf course is different, making this edition of the Phigolf simulator, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, super fun. Thanks to its special GPS mapping, it's as close as you can get to playing at a multitude of courses, from country clubs to city hotspots, without ever setting foot there. And while it's exciting to test out courses you may never go to, you can also get a feel for courses you might be planning to visit in the future so you can play your best when you arrive there.

But Phigolf isn't just about taking virtual trips to different golf courses. The simulator also offers real-time feedback on your moves. Essentially, you place the Phigolf sensor at the end of your golf club so it can properly analyze your swing. You can then see how your move would've played out in real life. This makes it an incredibly effective training tool so you can impress your golf buddies with your improved form and swing for your next trip to the green.

Plus, Phigolf doesn't just bring you around the globe: it allows you to connect with players all over as well. The platform boasts an active community of fellow golf lovers, so you can make friends, share tips, and generally discuss every aspect of the sport with people who really get it.

Bring thousands of golf courses directly into your living room and grab the Phigolf World Tour Edition now for just $179.99. But make sure to hurry—this sale only runs through February 20 until 11:59pm Pacific.

Prices subject to change.