Coveted California 'CASH' vanity plate goes on the market for $2 million

In 1970, Bay Area lawyer Claude Arthur Stuart Hamrick (C.A.S.H.) grabbed a vanity plate with his initials for his new Buick Riviera. For the past 50-something years he's transferred the coveted plate to a series of Cadillacs, his go-to brand. He's had plenty of dealers offer to buy it over the years but no interest in selling it, not even for a million bucks. But, now that he's retired, he's willing to let the plate go for the right amount of dough which is a cool $2M. (Mercury News)

The Plate Broker:

Cash was one of the first patent attorneys in the Silicon Valley to patent semiconductors and had an incredible career in silicon valley during the heyday of the computer hardware revolution. His social circles included the likes of Gates, Jobs and he had a first row seat to watch the whole computer industry blow up in the 80's and 90's.

The Plate Broker thinks this plate is perfect for a high profile performer, investor, or socialite.