Marjorie Taylor Greene pushes "Separated States of America" fantasy with dystopian detail (video)

GOP boss Marjorie Taylor Greene detailed her delusional "national divorce" fantasy yesterday, telling far-right Charlie Kirk that Democrats moving from a blue state to a red state would have to wait five years before they could vote. The same rule wouldn't apply for Republicans moving to a blue state.

"Red states could choose in how they allow people to vote in their states," the Congress quack from Georgia explained. "If Democrat voters choose to flee these Blue states … Well, once they move to a Red state, guess what? Maybe you don't get to vote for five years … you don't get to bring your values." (See video below, posted by Jason Campbell.)

Interesting how her subordinate, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, hasn't made a peep about her anti-American rhetoric. As MSNBC points out, "Either McCarthy didn't bother to ask the extremist lawmaker to tone down her latest nonsense, or he did and she's ignoring him." Or, as MSNBC forgot to mention, he's in cahoots. Either way, the mad puppet-master sure knows how to pull her dummy's strings.

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