TikToker backpedals after being called out for endangering a child

People doing stupid things for internet fame is a story almost as old as the internet. Herein a TikTok family decides to show off a rarely successful "hack" for getting a child on a theme park attraction they are too small for, i.e. gluing lifts to the soles of the kid's shoes. The comments quickly pointed out that a) this is dangerous for the kid and b) you'll get caught and ruin your kid's experience at the park. The Social Media Parent then tried to explain that the video was just staged for the lols.

Seems like a lot of effort.

Daily Dot:

However, the Kelly Family's father responded to the backlash in a TikTok, saying that he would "never put [his] kids in actual danger."

"I would never condone any other parent trying to put their kid on a ride that they aren't tall enough for. You don't know what happened. In the video, you didn't see him actually go on any rides," he says in the video.

He continues that his son is already tall enough to reach the height requirement without the modified shoes and blasts viewers, telling them to "get the facts straight."

In the comments, users call him out for his attempt to gaslight viewers.

"'I can't believe you guys had the audacity to assume that what I said in the video was what I meant,'" one commenter joked.