Uyen Nguyen makes cool origami fashion

Meet Uyen Nguyen, an amazing origami artist and fashion designer who utilizes their background in mechanical engineering in their designs. I most recently saw them featured in this cool short video highlighting an exhibit called "Math Unfolded" that was featured at the National Museum of Mathematics a few years ago. In the video Uyen describes how they use the Fibonacci sequence as inspiration for a skirt—their designs are super cool!

You can check out the National Museum of Mathematics, which is located in New York City and which bills itself as the "only museum in North America that celebrates the beauty and wonder of mathematics" here, and read more about Math Unfolded: An Exhibit of Mathematical Origami Art here

You can also learn more about Uyen Nguyen on their Instagram. I was also able to find some videos of them on YouTube demonstrating how to make origami fashion. Part One of "Origami Fashion with Uyen Nguyen," uploaded by YouMedia Chicago, is described this way: "Fold your way to a unique fashion statement! Learn how to create a textured capelet by pleating origami patterns into fabric. You can apply this technique to other garments as well!" You can find Part Two here.