Watch the adorable yawn of a raccoon named Crystal

Meet Crystal, a ridiculously cute raccoon who is also an educational ambassador for Tows and Tails wildlife sanctuary, which is based in Florida and run by Kristen and Beau Littles. In the video below you can see her yawning in the most adorable fashion ever. I think I've watched it on repeat at least twenty times. If you turn your sound up, you can hear her cute little yawny noises, too!  

Tows and Tails Facebook page describes itself as a "licensed wildlife sanctuary, providing a permanent home to medically non-releasable raccoons." Their Instagram also reminds us that raccoons are not pets, and folks shouldn't try to keep them as pets. If you want to see more of Crystal and her antics, go follow Tows and Tails on their social media. And enjoy this story and video put together by First Coast News, highlighting when Crystal visited the set of Good Morning Jacksonville.