Mike Lindell says he is suing Speaker Kevin McCarthy for giving Fox the J6 footage (and not him)

Pillow peddler Mike Lindell is furious with Fox and said he is suing Speaker Kevin McCarthy for giving Tucker Carlson exclusive access to Jan. 6 Capitol footage and leaving him out. "They're serving papers this morning," the spurned Lindell TV conspiracist said yesterday on Steve Bannon's War Room podcast. "It [J6 footage] needs to go to everybody so we can all look at it together!" (See video below, posted by Patriot Takes.)

He also announced his intention to sue on the "Lindell Report."

"Lindell TV is going after Kevin McCarthy in Congress, we're going after them, because they did it wrong," he said, according to Newsweek.

"Fox is going to be the filter to the world?" Lindell asked. "Not gonna happen on my watch, I'll tell you that."