Nazis openly harass Jewish people in Desantis Land

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis's magical kingdom of banning books, threatening educators, and terrorizing LBGTQA+ people, now also includes open anti-semitism screamed in the streets. This is the America that the Republican Qnutters want us all to live in. There are people abandoning their revered Orange Julius because he isn't kind to Desantis. Desantis is kind to Nazis.

Crooks and Liars:

Shouting things like "Leave our country, go back to Israel," the classic "Heil hitler," and "Sir, do you think you should be put in an oven?", these Nazi animals have been terrorizing and targeting Jews and Jewish communities in Florida. This tweet is from last Friday.

The Orlando cops claim they can't do anything. That may be true; it's a thin line between terrorizing people and the First Amendment. Yet the governor finds all kinds of things to crack down on when he's annoyed.

Still, Ron DeSantis doesn't lift a finger, and his donors are as quiet as mice. Could it be that having an authoritarian dictator as governor nurtures the extremists?