Tapir falls into storm drain

This story goes out to a kind soul on the Boing Boing discussion boards who pointed out our very clear lack of tapir content. I'm here to try to remedy that by sharing some tapir news. First, though, I want to apologize for neglecting the very fine beast that is the tapir in my Boing Boing posts. I will definitely be better in the future. I also have to let folks know that my love of tapirs goes way back, so I am embarrassed that I haven't yet posted about these wonderful beasts.

In fact, my very first science fair poster–in fourth grade–was inspired by a visit to a carnival that had come to my small Southern U.S. town. At the carnival there was a side show, and one of the signs beckoning folks said "Behold the Rare Elephant Pig!" I just HAD to see that elephant pig. What could it be? I begged my parents for the money and permission to go check it out, and I was so excited when they said yes. We walked into the exhibit booth and voila! I saw my first tapir. That tiny elephant snout! That weird pig body! I was in love! So that year for the science fair I did my poster on that humble creature, the tapir. I called my project "Tapir Talk," naturally. I can't remember if I won a ribbon (I probably didn't), but I didn't care, I had already won the prize.

With that, here's my first installment of "Tapir Talk," an ongoing series where I'll share tapir news.

Last week a tapir accidently fell into a storm drain in Dungun, Malaysia. In the video included below, which was shared by Astro AWANI news, you can see the poor creature attempting to somehow climb or jump the metal fence that acts as a barrier for the drain. The tapir gets over the fence but, sadly, can't just go on its merry way, because it falls elephant-snout first into the drain. I feel so bad for that sweet beast. Luckily the story has a happy ending and the tapir was rescued, treated for its injuries, and released into the wild. 

UPI News explains:

Residents of Dungun captured photos and videos on Wednesday when the tapir was seen wandering through the city, with stops including a local bakery, a middle school and a residential neighborhood.

Local officials said the tapir ended up falling into a storm drain, where it was rescued by the Terengganu Department of Wildlife and National Parks. The tapir was treated for some minor injuries before being released back into the wild.