Dilbert dropped by "many news outlets"

After he became a vocal Trump supporter, Dilbert said he lost 30% of his income (and most of his friends). It looks like becoming a vocal racist is having a similar outcome for him, with his "Scott Adams" cartoon reportedly being dropped from newspapers across the country.

Adams said on his his Coffee with Scott Adams online video program  that white people should "get the hell away from Black people," labeling Blacks as a "hate group." … Cleveland's The Plain Dealer published a Letter from the Editor Friday, stating that it was "not a difficult decision" to ax the Adams cartooon. "We are not a home for those who espouse racism," the editor wrote. He added that Advance Media, its publisher, was instituting similar moves at its other properties.

I just remembered his recent remarks about how "every male encounter is implied violence" and ass-fingering fathers.

In context, "without permission" is what really ties it together. Classic tweet.