Nokia's G22 "fixable" smartphone comes with a teardown kit

Nokia's G22 is a budget Android smartphone that comes with an iFixit repair kit—spudgers, screwdrivers and even a wee sucker for the touchscreen—and instructions on how to perform maintenance and get parts.

Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing at HMD Global, said that this process would cost on average 30% less than replacing an old phone with a new one. Smartphone companies are increasingly working to make phones last for longer amid pressure from regulators to make electronics devices more sustainable. Lawmakers in the European Parliament, for example, are calling for legislation that would force manufacturers to give users the "right to repair."

New York governor Kathy Hochul recently sabotaged the state's Right to Repair Bill to please manufacturers, signing it into law only after it was amended to exclude everything already manufactured, to exclude almost everything except cellphones, and to no longer require manufacturers to make parts available—in effect less than some manufacturers already offer. Baby steps!