Tulsi Gabbard equates affirmative action to Nazism

Tulsi Gabbard said Friday on Fox News that Biden's affirmative action efforts make him akin to Hitler. Yup, she went there. Andrew Feinberg tweeted out a video of Gabbard's appearance on Fox News, where she was interviewed by Jesse Watters. Feinberg's tweet stated, "Tulsi Gabbard on Fox just now: Biden efforts to hire women, minorities, LGBT+ etc for top administration roles makes him just like Hitler. (she actually said this on live television not 10 minutes ago)." A longer clip can be found at The Daily Beast, which provides more info:

"You see how their agenda of identity politics is directly undermining the traditional democratic values that were expressed so beautifully and clearly by Dr. Martin Luther King: that we should judge each other not based on the color of our skin, but based on our character," Gabbard said, citing what was recently dubbed "the right's favorite MLK quote."

"And yet…they are proud to be judging people, hiring people, selecting people based on race," she continued, reminiscent of some conservative commentators' disapproval of Biden's pledge to nominate the first Black Supreme Court justice. "Let's be clear how serious of a problem this is. It's based on genetics, race, based on your blood, your genes; and where do we see that connection? Well, these are the very same geneticist core principles embodied by Nazism and Adolf Hitler."

The Daily Beast also explains that Jesse Watters appeared uncomfortable as he tried to manage the situation:

Watters didn't buy Gabbard's comparison.

"I'm not sure about the German thing, but I think you are right on this point," he said before sticking to a more palatable stance.

"They care about what the administration looks like, but they don't care about what we look like. And we're out here saying, 'Hey, we need this, we need that,' and they're not even looking at us. They're just looking at themselves."

Good try, Watters. Next time maybe condemn the "affirmative-action-is-Nazism" a bit more strongly, maybe?