"All the trees" is a new audiovisual installation that will be touring around public outdoor spaces

"All the trees" is a recent art installation by visual artist Joanie Lemercier. The project combines laser art with real trees, creating an immersive experience that will be toured around in various public spaces. I love how the tree in the video looks as if it's glowing from the inside out. The lasers used are eco-friendly and charged with solar power. Stay tuned to find out if Lemercier's project will be shown at a park, garden, or forest near you. 

From instagram:

"All the trees" A new audiovisual installation by @joanielemercier

Rays of light reveal the intricate beauty of trees. Using low energy consumption laser projectors, running off the grid and charged from solar power.

The project will tour and be shown in public spaces, parks, gardens, nature and forests."