Frankfurt cancels Roger Waters concert

Roger Waters is on his farewell tour, but the german city of Frankfurt is already saying "bye", canceling his stop there and accusing the former Pink Floyd songwriter of antisemitism.

They also emphasized the use of antisemitic imagery in Waters' performances, one of which includes a balloon in the shape of a pig with a Star of David printed on it alongside a host of corporate logos.

Pink Floyd lyricist (and wife of band leader David Gilmour) Polly Samson recently gave Waters a piece of her mind:

"Unfortunately, you are antisemitic to the core of your rotten bones," she wrote. "Also supports Putin and is a liar, thief, hypocrite, tax raiser, lipsync, misogynist, jealous, megalomaniac. Enough with your nonsense."

No Floyd reunion tour any time soon, then.

Waters' been using the Israel Pig Balloon for more than a decade in his shows and Jewish groups have been condemining it and him for at least as long.

It's fine to agree with some of what he says (say, his criticism of Western imperialism) while objecting to other things he says (his support for Russian imperialism), but what's useful, I think, is how clearly these contradictions show that Waters is nothing but a contrarian poser and that (notwithstanding the special case that German history and law presents) censoring him just lets him run the table.