Atomic Heart dethrones Forspoken as game with the most terrible dialogue

"Crispy fucking critters!" is an actual quote from Atomic Heart, a game from Russian developer Mundfish. Think Bioshock, without the political commentary, set in an alt-USSR. Something may just have been lost in translation, but it's been widely panned for its main character's dialogue. Comparisons are already being drawn to Forspoken (of "jacked-up beasts" fame), but while that game strove to make its protagonist human and relatable and failed miserably, Atomic Heart overcorrects in the opposite direction. Sergei Nechaev is the cool guy's cool guy, and every third word out of his mouth is profanity. Everyone he meets wants to jump his bones. With lines like "where's the shit-ass way out of here" popping up every time he opens his mouth, one could be forgiven for thinking it's meant to be –but just like a lot of Atomic Heart, it feels like it's trying way too hard.