Mexican president posts photo proving existence of mysterious Mayan elf

Among some Maya peoples, there is folklore about the alux, a miniature mystical sprite who lives in forests, caves, and fields. Now, Mexican President President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has posted a photo to his social media accounts that any reasonable person can only recognize as indisputable proof that the alux is anything by a myth! From The Telegraph:

He said the photo had been taken three days earlier by an engineer on the construction site of a new railway line known as the Tren Maya, which will connect tourist destinations, including ancient Mayan sites.

"It appears to be an alux," the Leftist friend of Jeremy Corbyn wrote, adding that "everything is mystical".

His far-fetched claim came as thousands took to the streets of Mexico City over the weekend to protest against an alleged presidential power grab.

However, social media users were quick to point out that the photo appeared to have been circulating online in various guises for at least two years. Many accused the president of spreading fake news. The original source of the image is unclear.