City ends mask mandate and $1,000 fines…. 959 days later

On July 15, 2020, Hong Kong issued a mask mandate requiring face coverings on public transportation quickly followed with an expansion to all public places. Violations were subject to $1,000 fines. Now, 959 days later, the mandate has been lifted. From CNN:

"We are now returning to normalcy," Lee said, as the Asian financial hub launches a major push to welcome back business travelers and tourists.

Hong Kong has rolled back several other major controls in recent months, most notably mandatory quarantine for all international arrivals, a move celebrated by travel-starved residents, overseas family members and struggling local businesses[…]

"I'm looking forward to seeing a smile on everyone's face now," [Health Secretary Lo Mau-chung] said. However, he added, the government still advises the wearing of masks in "high risk" settings such as elderly care homes and hospitals.