Proof that tapirs are more adorable than you think

Here's some more Tapir Talk. This video, which features Benjamin Mee (author of We Bought a Zoo) interacting with some very awesome tapirs, provides proof that tapirs are far more adorable than you've ever thought possible. In the video Mee provides five reasons why you should never work with a tapir (by which he really means, why you should ALWAYS work with tapirs, naturally!). He explains that (1) they are too cute and they know it; (2) if you don't give them attention they won't give you attention; (3) tummy rubs are their number one priority; (4) they like to play with your stuff; and (5) they'll upstage you every time. I mean, look at how cute and cuddly they are, of COURSE they're gonna upstage you! Enjoy!

For more content featuring Benjamin Mee, check out his YouTube channel:

This channel has been created to show some of the videos that feature Benjamin Mee and Dartmoor Zoo. Benjamin is a Zoo Director, Motivational Speaker, Author, and Journalist, and he is deeply interested in the communication of science and the expansion of Dartmoor Zoological Park's educational and research departments. The zoo itself has great links with Plymouth University, and focuses of the zoo include studies on animal intelligence as well as breeding, conservation and reintroduction programmes. Benjamin Mee is the author of 'We Bought A Zoo', which was turned into a film of the same name starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. He is currently working towards turning Dartmoor Zoo into a charity in order to secure its future, something he has been fighting for since his family bought it in 2006.