Schwarzenegger comes to television in the teaser trailer for Netflix's Fubar

It's a shame that Hollywood feuds have all but disappeared in modern filmmaking. In the 80s, the subtle rivalry between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone led to some of the greatest action movies ever produced. Stallone even spoke about the tension in an interview with Jimmy Fallon a few years back. The crux of Stallone's beef was how similar the former bodybuilding legend's films were to his own, which caused Stallone to feel like Schwarzenegger was attempting to one-up him constantly. The claim might sound silly, but given Schwarzenegger's legendary competitive attitude, there might be some legitimacy to Stallone's perspective. 

Recently, Stallone made the transition to television with his new series, Tulsa King, on Paramount Plus. Well, today, Netflix released a new teaser trailer for Arnold Schwarzenegger's first television series Fubar. One could view this as Netflix greenlighting the show after seeing the success of Tulsa King or as Schwarzenegger sending yet another playful jab at one of his rivals. Since the latter is more entertaining, I know which one I'm going to believe.