Artist Nemo Gould's "Click Bait" is the "painful reminder of our folly" we all need

Oakland, CA found object artist, kinetic sculptor, and self-described "master accumulator," Nemo Gould, has a number of affordable objets d'art on his website.

His most recent offering tickles me to no end. Called "Click Bait," it's an iPhone crossed with a rodent snap trap. The bait tray is the Facebook Like button. Press it and your thumb gets a decent whack with the trap bar.

He made his own spring to reduce its bone-breaking force, but he assures potential purchasers, it still really hurts (just like your obsessive social media shitposting and doomscrolling).

While on his site, also be sure to check out some of his other gorgeous and clever pieces, like Hooked, Immoral Fiber, and Mercurial.