Rep. Jamie Raskin schools Rep. Lauren Boebert again: Democrat vs. Democratic 101

Rep. Jamie Raskin worked overtime on the Floor yesterday, schooling Lauren Boebert not only on basic facts about ex-president Donald Trump's disastrous handling of Covid, but also on basic grammar. Her poor grasp of the English language, he said, was not only unpleasant to the ears, but was contagious, as he heard some of her "distinguished colleagues" also making the gaffe.

"I believe that she referred to a 'Democrat solution.' I heard another member talk about a 'Democrat member.' I just wanted to educate our distinguished colleagues that 'Democrat' is the noun," he explained. "When you use it as an adjective you say the 'Democratic member.' Or the 'Democratic solution.'"

He then hilariously compared her bad grammar to sounding like a political speech impediment: "As if every time we mentioned the other party, it just came out with a kind of political speech impediment, like 'Oh, the Banana Republican Party' … 'the Banana Republican member' … 'the Banana Republican plan' … 'the Banana Republican conference.'" (See video below, posted by Acyn.)

The only problem with Raskin's lesson on grammar is that he did not first explain to Boebert what a noun and adjective was, losing her as soon as the exercise began.

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