Ron DeSantis sends security guard to stop Trumpers from protesting, but they scare him away (video)

A Florida security guard told a bunch of Trumpers standing outside of a Ron DeSantis book event on Tuesday that they had to go. Fascist orders sent by a mysterious "them." But his order didn't go over too well with the MAGA folk, who sent the armed messenger running for the hills.

"They told me anybody wearing Trump has to go right now," he said, already backing up as the red-caps surrounded him, shouting "Ooohhhh!" and "Free speech, free speech!"

After mumbling something about how the protestors were supposed to clear out until after the signing, the guard said, "I'm sorry," holding up his hands in defeat as he continued to back away. "I'm going to have to call LPD now." As in Leesburg Police Department.

The security guy quickly scrambled out of there, but according to Patriot Takes in the video's comments (see below), the police later did show up. Welcome to DeSantisland.