BlueSky, Jack Dorsey's new Twitterlike platform, arrives in the App Store

BlueSky, a Twitter-like platform by Twitter's own creator, joins the fray. The advantage is that it's designed to be as much a protocol as a platform, so what happened to Twitter can't happen to it. The disadvantage is that Elon Musk mucked up Twitter so quickly that the users interested in that sort of thing have already found the Fediverse and Mastodon. Sarah Perez elaborates:

AT (originally called ADX, or "Authenticated Transfer Protocol,") is Bluesky's main effort while the Bluesky mobile app serves to showcase the protocol in action. Similar to the ActivityPub protocol that powers Mastodon, AT offers the means of creating a federated and decentralized social network. However, there's been some criticism of the project, notably from Mastodon and other developers, who pointed out that ActivityPub — a recommended W3C standard — already powers a large and growing "Fediverse" of interconnected servers.

And that Fediverse has been gaining traction following Musk's Twitter acquisition, as users left the microblogging network to try the open source, decentralized alternative, Mastodon. The latter has also benefited from the work of former Twitter third-party app developers who have since rolled out polished Mastodon clients like Ivory and Mammoth, most recently.

I will go there if "bloops" becomes its term for tweets.