Florida Republicans attempt to chill free speech

Republican Florida State senator Jason Brodeur (R-Lake Mary) wants to make things hard on bloggers who cover politics. A current bill he has proposed will treat bloggers like political lobbyists and force them to register with the state, and fine them for failure to do so.

These are the people who love the constitution above all else.

Raw Story:

A new bill proposed by a Republican state senator in Florida would require bloggers to register with the state if they write about Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and other members of the government.

NBC's News Channel 8 wrote that Sen. Jason Brodeur's (R-Lake Mary) bill would impose fines on anyone who refuses to register to a maximum of $2,500. There would be an additional $25 each day the fee isn't paid.

Senate Bill 1316: Information Dissemination would mandate that writers register with the Florida Office of Legislative Services or the Commission on Ethics. It would apply to anyone who writes "an article, a story, or a series of stories," about "the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, a Cabinet officer, or any member of the Legislature," and is paid for doing so. They would have to register within a five-day period by the publication of the article or stories.