Young Ben Shapiro trash-talks a punching bag, which then knocks him out

Brawny Ben Shapiro enjoys lecturing people on how to be masculine like him. On his popular incel podcast, he told his audience just what he thinks of Harry Styles, who wears dresses for photo shoots.

"Okay, other things that I hate, today," Ben told his viewers. "So, Harry Styles is a human. I've been informed that Harry Styles is human. I've said before that I find Harry Styles pretty derivative. I mean, he's basically just doing David Bowie but transed-up. He is supposed to be a fashion hero because he keeps wearing women's clothes on the cover of magazines because 'he's flaunting the rules, guys.' Woohoo! And it's all part of the face-tattoo syndrome. Harry Styles. 'Wow, it's groundbreaking. He's wearing a dress on the cover.' Oohooho! and then you say, 'Well yeah, and that's not very masculine.' He looks like a dope. He looks like an idiot. And maybe men should actually, you, know act masculine, as a general rule."

Hey Harry, wise up! You'll never get a romantic partner until you look and act masculine like Big Bad Ben!

Bold Ben has always been a man of action who doesn't put up with any guff. In a recently unearthed video, a teenage Shapiro can be seen confronting a gymnasium speedball, which he accuses of thinking it's better than him. "You think you're higher than me, you're better than me? You're not better than me, at all. I'll teach you!" he scolds in his rugged voice, which is often compared to Clint Eastwood's, before delivering a blow to the ball.

But as the video shows, the speedball wasn't going down without a fight. In a stunning turn of events, the ball strikes back, knocking Shapiro to the ground and leaving him nursing a bruised nose. After staggering to his feet, Burly Ben covered his bruised nose with his hands and minced his way around the gym equipment toward the exit.

Now that Ben has a tough guy beard in the style of Trump Jr, I'll bet that speedball is scared to death he'll come back for a rematch.