A 3rd GOP lawmaker trying to restrict drag shows dressed in drag himself as "The Virgin" (unearthed video)

A third Republican hypocrite trying to criminalize drag shows has been found to have dressed in drag himself.

Texas state Rep. Nate Schatzline just authored a bill to "protect" youngsters from drag performers — and yet he himself had fun running around in a public a park wearing a fancy red eye mask and a black sequined dress.

Schatzline's performance was even "sexualized" — as the GOP loves to call anything related to drag — as his name while dressed in women's clothing was "The Virgin," as credited in the video below, posted by Michelle.

This latest revelation of a repressed MAGA fascist follows the discovery of two other "dangerous" Republicans who enjoyed dressing as women before they joined the MAGA cult: Rep. George Ravache Kitara Santos (R–NY) and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee.

From NBC News:

The emergence of Schatzline's video came several days after an image of what appears to be Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee dressed in drag as a high school student was shared on Reddit and Twitter. …

Answering reporters' questions Monday, Lee, a Republican, confirmed that he would sign a recently passed bill that would criminalize drag performances in public and in front of children in the state.

The video of the Texas lawmaker also comes about a month after an image emerged on social media that appeared to show embattled Republican Rep. George Santos of New York in drag.

And now, some entertainment from the olden days before Schatzline became radicalized:

Front page thumbnail image: Lucky Business / shutterstock.com