Martial Arts movie legend Donnie Yen talks about the best roles of his career

Has it finally happened? Has the world finally woken up to the brilliance of 80s Hong Kong action? Fans of 80s martial arts cinema have always been cognizant of the caliber of talent that fueled their favorite flicks. Nowadays, it feels like Hollywood is starting to understand that the stars behind one of the most explosive eras in action movie history have acting chops that outweigh their chopping blows. With Michelle Yeoh's recent groundbreaking spree of success, thanks to Everything Everywhere At Once, it feels like people have come to realize that the industry neglected some of the world's best actors while they were in their prime. 

However, as the old saying goes, it's better late than never. In addition to Michelle Yeoh's success, her contemporary, Donnie Yen, has also started to gain the acclaim he deserved back in 1985 for his role in Mismatched Couples. In the video linked above, Yen discusses his most memorable and iconic roles.