MeatCanyon takes on Mr. Beast's "blindness controversy" in a new video

Mr. Beast cured blindness. Okay, in retrospect, that sentence may be a little hyperbolic. Let's try that again; the ultra-popular YouTuber Mr. Beast covered the cost of corrective surgery for 1000 blind people a month ago. Despite being an objectively awesome thing to do for people with debilitating blindness, the video garnered Mr. Beast a ton of hate. One of the primary critiques lobbed at Mr. Beast was the accusation that his intent behind the video was driven by profit instead of altruism. As you can imagine, the debate about the video split the internet into warring factions. Or, otherwise known as a typical Tuesday on Twitter. 

Even though there are solid points on both sides of the argument, one thing is true irrespective of where you stand on the issue. There's definitely some humor that can be mined from this dumpster fire of a situation. In the video linked above, the YouTube channel MeatCanyon made a hilarious sketch mocking the situation.