Michael Steele roasts "crazy fool" Marjorie Taylor Greene for over a minute: "Shut the hell up!" (video)

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele laid into Marjorie Taylor Greene on MSNBC in a 1:23-minute rant. (See video below, posted by Mike Sington.)

When asked about Marge's push for a "national divorce," Steele laughed. "She has no clue what she's talking about! How do we listen to this crazy fool?" And then he addressed the unhinged Q-nut directly.

"Marjorie Taylor Greene, please just shut the hell up! Do us all a favor," he pleaded. "You are an embarrassment to the Republican party and to the country as a congresswoman. You sit there, you say this kind of crazy — Mitt Romney said it best: 'We fought that war.' A Republican president lost his life over trying to save the union, and this fool wants to split it?!"

Finally he explained to Georgia's impractical peach what she'd have to do before even considering a split between red and blue states. "Look, red states are paid for largely by blue states. So if you want this divorce, then figure out how you're going to pay for all the things that $1.49 covers."

Because, of course, "independent" Georgia receives $1.49 for every $1.00 sent to the government, according to MSNBC. And if Georgia gets the divorce Marge wants so badly, you can bet the blue states won't be doling out any alimony.

Front page thumbnail image: MSNBC (screengrab)